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Custom wedding dress

Custom wedding dress sewing is a very complex task requires high level of creativity and responsibility. However, thanks to the professional approach, the most important dress in the life of the girl will be sewn with high quality and we will put our heart and soul in it. We sew wedding dresses of different fabrics: silk, organza, tulle, cotton, lace. And there are always in stock a variety shades of high-quality and beautiful fabrics. That’s why we can easily choose the color, which will emphasize your natural beauty.

Our company with great pleasure will fulfill your every desire: short and long wedding dress, classic, fluffy, with a train, with an open back, in the greek style, in the style of boho, retro, empire, wedding dress for pregnant women. But the most important thing is that your dress will be unique, because we don’t make copies.

Wedding dresses by IRINA SEDYKH

To order a wedding dress in our company, you need to contact with us and book a fitting. At the initial meeting, we will help you to choose the wedding dress model, perfect silhouette and demonstrate the tissue samples.

In our company, we take into account a lot of nuances. One of such features is a color of the dress. Besides the classical white dress there are a huge variety of white shades: ivory, champagne, pearl, caramel, powdery, milk, etc. The designer of our company will help you to find the perfect shade that accentuate your beauty and youth.

Why a tailor made wedding dress is better?

Every girl dreams to be the most wonderful bride. She starts to think about her future wedding dress almost from the cradle. And when it comes time to choose one, she faces with many difficulties. Wedding dresses, which are sold in the store don’t always meet all the requirements of the future bride. It’s really difficult to choose not only beautiful, but also well-fitting dress. Therefore, the best solution is to order a wedding dress online. We have a special approach to every bride, that helps us to make a custom wedding dress in Ufa better than in other companies.

We develop patterns for each dress, taking into account your the peculiarities of your figure, growth and wishes. With carefully created patterns we sew a dress from prototyping tissue to make important changes in the structure during the first fitting. At the second fitting we have a dress of the original tissue. The designer helps you to choose a length, model and decorative nuances. At the third fitting we make final adjustments in a wedding dress.

Finally we give you ironed wedding dress on a hanger, in case for clothes. The future bride should only hide it in the wardrobe from the groom and put on at the one magic day.


Why is a tailor made dress better than dress from the store?

And why it is better to wear our dresses?


We sew wedding dresses in a single copy, and the ability to meet the same dress is excluded.


We never sew two identical dresses. With great pleasure we will design and create exclusive, perfectly fit dress as it will be made only for you.


For every bride we design a magical dress, which reveals her natural beauty and emphasizes individuality.


We select the most beautiful and high-quality fabrics, accessories from reliable suppliers. You do not have to waste your time and effort on the shopping . We will do it for you.


We sew the wedding dress according to your individual measures, so the dress will sit perfectly.


We guarantee quality and always take responsibility for the outcomes of our work.


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Alexandra Maslova

Alexandra Maslova

I never liked inelegant, old-fashioned dresses. Despite the fact that there are a lot of bridal salons in Moscow, it was a really complete task – to find ideal dress for me. I have almost despaired but, suddenly, looking through the photos with the hashtag # coloredweddingdress, I saw Irina's dress and felt excitement, joy and admiration at the same time. I like all her creations without exception. They are so airy, delicate and elegant. Brides in these dresses look like a fabulous fairies.

We lived in different cities with Irina, but I didn’t want look for something else. So, I plucked up courage and decided to sew a dress remotely.

I’m not an expert  in fabrics and it was difficult for me to explain what I want : blue dress or peach dress… Irina is a really patient person! She explained to me all the points in details, sent me photos of different tissues, made videos to show how light and moving are tissues. 2 months later I flew to Irina. Dress fitted perfectly, it was just necessary to adjust the length of the hem. I adore my dress. Wearing this dress I spent the whole sunny day in the mountains but I felt so comfortable. Moreover, I am pleased to know that it was sewed special for me.

Actually, I can’t say what became more pleasant event for me - ideal dress or meeting with Irina and her husband. They're great guys and example not only in business sphere, but also in terms of human qualities. By the way, the price of the dress and trip to Irina are cheaper than clothes from some Moscow designers.



My dress is my dream which come true! Definetely I thought that my wedding dress will be sewn by my mother , but it seems I was destined to meet Irina Sedykh.

I didn’t want to take off the dress and would like to wear it every day.

If you want to see the magic and get the dress of your dreams, only Irina Sedykh will help you.



Dear Irina! I would like to thank you for my perfect dress. I found you in autumn and watching your workflow I more and more falling in love with your magic creations. But when you wrote me in December that you have no free time in April, I started to panic! Our wedding was planned in June, and I was going to come to Ufa only in March. So, I was worried about booking. Fortunately, everything went well, you get an advance, looked my ideas and told me to come to you as soon as I’ll be in the city.

I was surprised that by our meeting you picked up the shade of material and even lace, which we finally used! You have a great talent, Irina!

I still remember with a smile faces of guests, at the moment when they saw me in a wedding dress for the first time. Groom knew that it won’t be white, anyway, he was also very surprised. The goal was achieved!

Thank you for the emotions and  happiness that I felt during all this day, because the dress is one of the most important things for every bride.

I am very glad to meet you and took a piece of your soul with my wonderful gray dress.

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